3 Times I Justified Splurging

Because I believe in the importance of self care, I am willing to spend if I feel that paying extra will provide me with some type self care. I also spend if I can be sure that a certain expense will save me time or make things convenient for me in the future. Finally, I have to assure myself that I will get full usage out of a purchase. The following list highlights how I have splurged for the sake of self care, saving time, and getting many uses.


More Playlists For Positivity & Productivity

I recently shared a list of Spotify playlists for destress-ing and being productive at the same time. Here I expand that list with a few more playlists I love.

Make Your Android As Slick As An iPhone

I have been a lifelong Samsung user and my first and only smart phone was the Samsung Galaxy S4. In my three plus years using the S4, I've become practiced in how to smartly use Android phones to make them as simple and sophisticated to use as the iPhone. With the following tips and suggestions, you can really dress up your Android phone and make it slick.

What’s NOT In My Bag

I thought it would be fun to do a post about what's not in my bag. This post is not meant to judge people that do have the following items in their bag. I'm just remarking on how I learned to live without them being on me all the time.

How To Stop Buzzing At Work

The advent of smartphones have made social connectivity really simple and easy, but the truth is that reading texts or checking notifications every few minutes is distracting and disrupts your focus at work. Here are some tips to reduce noise in your environment and stay on task.

Spotify Playlists For Positivity & Productivity

In order to focus on the task at hand, you may listen to music with headphones, but the selected music can either help or hinder your productivity and mental wellbeing. Here are my go-tos when I need to get a lot of work done and I'm also feeling the pressure.

My Social Media Meltdown

This story is a long time coming. It follows my love-hate relationship with social media and how I came to managing it the way I do today: contrived for sure, but still minimal at the same time. What started as a fun way to engage with my friends quickly became an obsession with self-awareness, followed by an episode in... Continue Reading →

What’s In My Bag: Tech Edition

In this post I share a few gadgets that I always have in my bag whether for when I go to work or to the university campus. They are far from fancy, but what I like about them is how functional and durable they are.


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