Spotify Playlists For Positivity & Productivity

In order to focus on the task at hand, you may listen to music with headphones, but the selected music can either help or hinder your productivity and mental wellbeing. Here are my go-tos when I need to get a lot of work done and I'm also feeling the pressure.


My Social Media Meltdown

This story is a long time coming. It follows my love-hate relationship with social media and how I came to managing it the way I do today: contrived for sure, but still minimal at the same time. What started as a fun way to engage with my friends quickly became an obsession with self-awareness, followed by an episode in... Continue Reading →

What’s In My Bag: Tech Edition

In this post I share a few gadgets that I always have in my bag whether for when I go to work or to the university campus. They are far from fancy, but what I like about them is how functional and durable they are.

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