More Playlists For Positivity & Productivity

I recently shared a list of Spotify playlists for destress-ing and being productive at the same time. Here I expand that list with a few more playlists I love.

Dixieland Classics

Previously, I shared A Soft Jazz Backdrop playlist because when it comes to work and self care, Jazz is always there for me. I really enjoy the Dixieland Classics playlist from Spotify* because it’s fun while not being too distracting. I am no connoisseur of Jazz music by any means, so this playlist is a perfect gateway to that genre for me. I like how shaky and dance-y it is while still feeling light at the same time. My favorites include “Charleston,” “In The Mood,” and “Java.”

Logos by Atlas Sound

Throwback to 2009! While I’ve listened to a lot of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound in my life, I never actually listened to Logos that much (sacrilege I know). I started binge listening to it again recently after hearing it at an otherwise unassuming local coffeeshop (where I was finishing up a programming assignment). No mason jars in sight. This album from Bradford Cox’s side project is ambient enough to be calming to me, but not too distracting at the same time.

MY WOMAN by Angel Olsen

MY WOMAN by Angel Olsen got a lot of listens when I moved to a new city and first started graduate school. It’s what I listened to when I was coping with feelings of loneliness and worrying about entering a new chapter of life. Now that I am on the other side of that period, I like listening to MY WOMAN for nostalgic reasons. It’s cathartic to listen to the music I listened to during a gloomy and unsure time again when I’m no longer going through that phase.

If MY WOMAN isn’t that album for you, then consider any other music from your past life, i.e. an album or artist that is strongly associated with a challenging phase in your life that has long past. See the effect that it may or may not have when you listen to it again. If it doesn’t bring you down or too high, then it just might be the ideal listening choice. It can serve as a reminder that you’ve gotten through some hard times before, so you will get past this current pressing task! Let me know what you think in a comment below and follow me on Twitter for more #Jainsplaining.

*This post is not sponsored. I just did it for free.


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