3 Times I Justified Splurging

Because I believe in the importance of self care, I am willing to spend if I feel that paying extra will provide me with some type self care. I also spend if I can be sure that a certain expense will save me time or make things convenient for me in the future. Finally, I have to assure myself that I will get full usage out of a purchase. The following three instances highlight how I have splurged for the sake of self care, saving time, and getting many uses.

splurge criteria
A quirky venn diagram of “splurging criteria”

Shopping in SoHo

It goes without saying that I feel better on days that I look good to myself. Dressing well is a way that I care for myself and that means paying extra on high end fashion brands. I’ve noticed that items that I buy from these stores last much longer (I still wear sweaters I bought in freshman year of college) than ones I’ve gotten from cheap retail stores. I saved myself from having to make many trips to stores where articles get worn out or damaged quickly. Also, I make purchases based on how much usage I can get from them. For example, I justified buying a $60 Muji* shirt dress because I knew I could wear it to work or casually. I have worn it so many times, but it still retains its freshness. When all’s said and done, I actually have a very small wardrobe, but I really like all the clothes I have.

Craft Coffee

If you are a member of the privileged millennial universe, there is such a thing as a coffee beans subscription. You can periodically receive coffee beans in the mail for a monthly fee instead of going to a grocery store or coffee shop yourself. I subscribed to Blue Bottle* first because I indulge in craft coffee and buying by the cup at my local store is an easy way to bleed cash. A coffee subscription saves me in the long run (especially since I often drink lattes with nondairy milk which coffee shops charge extra for). Admittedly, brewing coffee for myself also feels nice, so it checks out on the self-care front. Finally, I have noticed that each bag of beans lasts me up to a whole month and none of it goes to waste, so I’m definitely getting my money’s worth. Shouldn’t everyone reward themselves with nice things once in a while? Eventually, I decided to cancel my subscription and just buy bags in various store, so I can try other coffee brands, but I still brew at home.

Boutique Waxing Services

I have been getting my arms and legs waxed since I was in the eighth grade. It’s a cleaner groom than shaving plus hair grows back softer, which is way more comfortable than how it does after shaving. I also have a lot of hair, so going to a wax clinic is way quicker than toiling away in a shower with a razor. But…there is one thing that is undeniable about getting waxed: it hurts. That’s where a boutique waxing clinic come in. Though it charges a lot, European Wax Center* uses a specialty wax that minimizes the pain associated with having your hair ripped out! Considering how much hair I have and how I will still be getting waxed for years to come — it makes sense to me to enlist a service that at least reduces the hurt. European Wax Center uses a wax that comes off cleanly, so I don’t feel sticky and uncomfortable afterward either. I can get groomed quickly and go on with my day. 

Where have you splurged recently? How have you justified extravagant purchases? Leave a comment below and feel free to follow me on Twitter for some more #Jainsplaining.

*This post is not sponsored.


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